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           Product Name:Bud  tea
          Type Number:SN1-14
          Processing: stir fixation 

                                                  Tea  story
          BudTea is China famous brand green tea made by us. How to get the name would be traced back to ancient China of The Spring and Autumn Warring Kingdoms Period, in 10th year of Emperor Chuzhao, the State of Wu and Tang attacked the State of Chu, Chu lost and Chuzhao escaped to Shui State,  Shui State owner named Marquis Zeng protected Chuzhao, they often discussed the battle and situation while enjoy tea. Since then Chu State grew up gradually and finally became a strong country at that time. Thanks to Marquis Zeng¡¯ protection, Chuzhao often talked about Shui State and the tea to his fellows. Thus we get the name of  bud Tea. 
          The tea is only made by hand with first flush tea bud, looks fat and tight£¬yellowish green. When you brew, the bud tea is floating vertically at the bottom of tea cup like a sword, its unique fragrance is deep impressed. It won the Certificate of Outstanding Product in Chinese Tea Competition, Gold Prize in International Well Known Tea Competition, and Gold Prize on World Green Tea Fair in Japan.